Javascript Tools Project

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What is the Javascript Tools Project?

Javascript Tools Project intends to provide utilities for Web page developers and designers. The tools are pluggable and clean object oriented Javascript classes that you can use instantly in your web pages.

Platform support

The tools are designed primarily for Microsof Internet Explorer and to its API. (5.5+). Javascript 1.4 or newer is expected in all browsers.

The available browsers and their versions in the WWW arena are so huge, that the maintainer has no resources to investigate anything other than Microsoft Internet Explorer. This means, that Netscape and Mozilla support is probably broken. If you can offer your help for these platform, please step forward. n the mean time the tools remain Microsoft-only.


There no mailing list for the project. Please send mail to the maintainer as needed. Include project's name in the subject or message may be classified as spam and discarded.

  $ cd js-tools
  $ cvs update

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